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Archie Faulks releases a groovy alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Hung Up”

Archie Faulks (formally known as Tenterhook) is a London-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released a groovy alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Hung Up”, produced by Eliot James (Noah & The Whale, Two Door Cinema Club, Bloc Party).

Archie Faulks – “Hung Up”

“‘Hung Up’ is a song about not being able to get over the disappointments of the past. It’s easy to keep replaying these events, isolating different factors to blame for their failure while, conveniently, ignoring your own part in their demise.” – Archie Faulks

‘Hung Up’ is a pensive look back on the past, yet delivers an upbeat glimmer of hope for the future.

The bubbly tune sees Faulks deliver his brightest sound yet while channeling a pop sensibility into his action-packed lyricism.

‘Hung Up’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and groovy instrumentation flavored with a festive, feel-good vibration. 

Archie Faulks 

Archie Faulks press photo

“You can’t hide from your own truth. The only way to improve is acceptance and then working out the best way of dealing with it. This song was my way of trying, still to be decided if successfully or not, with dealing with certain truths which I had been hiding from for many years of my life.” – Archie Faulks

‘Hung Up’ follows the release of Faulks’ debut single, “It Rains”, and “Blackout” in 2018. So far, both songs have amassed over 1M streams online via Apple Music and Spotify. The three singles will be featured on Faulks’ upcoming debut album.

Not too long ago, Faulks played his first shows in the U.S., toured Europe with Isaac Gracie and Rue Royale, and sold out his headline shows at London’s St Pancras Old Church and Servant Jazz Quarters.

The enchanting entertainer will hit the road again this April for his first ever headline tour. He will play seven dates across the country, starting at The Jacaranda, Liverpool on April 13th and finishing at London’s Camden Assembly on April 23rd.

Archie Faulks – “Hung Up” single

Archie Faulks – “Hung Up” artwork

“I’m gonna tell you how it is because I’m too hung up. I can’t get over it, I’m all shook up, just trying to cover it. I’m learning to fly, keep floating over it. Darling, I’m too hung up. I’m too hung up on it.” – lyrics

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