Anøma Lee press photo

Anøma Lee releases her debut single, entitled, “Part Ways”

Anøma Lee is a UK-based singer-songwriter from Brussels, Belgium. Not too long ago, she released her debut single, entitled, “Part Ways”.

Anøma Lee – “Part ways” single

“I’m asking myself every night how hard must’ve been that fight. You took me by surprise, couldn’t realize how time flies. And I keep thinking that I’ll be alright without you in my life. And I keep thinking that I’ll be alright without seeing you at midnight or in the daylight.” – lyrics

‘Part Ways’ tells an interesting tale of a young woman who loses someone close to her. Even though she misses this special person, there’s nothing she can do to stop her heart from hurting.

Anøma Lee wrote and composed “Part Ways” with the help of producer Vincentas Zemaitis.

The collaboration was spontaneous. One day, Zemaitis took interest in the song when he heard it on a staircase passing by.

Anøma Lee

Anøma Lee press photo

“The song was written in November, shortly after a really close person to me passed away. After that, the whole process of making and producing the song went really quickly. Within a few weeks, the track was done. The lyrics are about losing someone and knowing that whenever and wherever you think of them, they are gone for good and you can’t do anything about it. I wanted the instrumental to be the exact opposite of the lyrics, meaning a light/ chilled beat and melody to balance the depth of the lyrics.” – Anøma Lee

Anøma Lee’s style is all about simplicity and integrity, with some beachy vibes you can notice in her looks and pictures.

She has played at venues such as The Garage, Half Moon Putney, and Under the Bridge.

Her musical influences range from Amy Winehouse and Tina turner to Loyle Carner, Jorja Smith, Tom Misch, Selah Sue, and many others.

Anøma Lee – “Part ways” single

Anøma Lee - “Part ways” cover art

‘Part Ways’ contains an emotive storyline, pleasant vocals, and lighthearted instrumentation flavored with lite R&B, neo-soul, and emo-pop elements.

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