Annie Omalley - “Island” video photo

Annie Omalley releases an enchanting music video for her “Island” single

Annie Omalley is a nineteen-year-old up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released an enchanting music video for her “Island” single.

Annie Omalley – “Island” music video

“I’m on this island alone, no hand to hold. Mountains of gold, no one to take me home. But I know, if I stay here for a while, they’ll find me swimming laps around the sea.” – lyrics

The delightful audiovisual finds Annie Omalley on a tropical island. While there, she develops and gains the confidence to be herself.

‘Island’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and polished instrumentation scented with a commercial pop aroma.

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“I have been waiting so long to show everyone what I have been working on but I’m so excited to show you guys a small glimpse of the jungle in my mind. I wrote the song ‘Island’ about others not accepting who you are and how lonely it makes you feel. But I also wanted to emphasize learning to be alone and love who you are. With no one else around, you can be as beautiful as a tropical island or a majestic forest.” – Annie Omalley

Annie Omalley believes one of the most beautiful things is being different; having something that sets you apart from every other being on earth.

‘Island’ does just that. The likable tune sets Omalley apart from her contemporaries and establishes her as an exciting new artist to watch.  

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