Annabel Gutherz

Annabel Gutherz releases a lyric video for her “Legends” single

Annabel Gutherz is a young positive pop singer out of Montreal, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a lyric video for her “Legends” single.

Annabel Gutherz – “Legends”

“Hatred, we must abolish it. Love, we must acknowledge it. Too many walls that divide us. Open the windows inside us. No more bump stocks, ticking clocks. No more lockdown. Hit the ground, shots piercing all around. Head down, face down, into the Van Dyke Brown. There’s me too, and he too, and she too, and we too.” – lyrics

‘Legends’ is an anthemic ‘call to action’ and a response to all young activists of today’s movements. Gutherz created the song to uplift peoples’ spirits and encourage them to join the fight and crusade for what is right. Also, her hope is for us to become more united and accepting as a global community.


Annabel Gutherz

“As light is borne from darkness and creativity is spawned from chaos, I was motivated by the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, to write and release the song and lyric video for “Legends”. To watch people my age respond to tragedy with such resilience, courage and authority moved me to my core. The students’ efforts and pursuits to create a safer, better future for generations to follow inspired me and opened my eyes to all of the various marches and movements taking place in and around the globe. We are on the precipice of change, and to have the opportunity to see individuals become catalysts of positive change within our society and world had been (and continues to be) nothing short of motivating.” – Annabel Gutherz

In conclusion, all proceeds from “Legends” will be donated to the WE Movement, an organization that strives to make the world a better, safer place.

Therefore, we recommend adding Annabel Gutherz’s “Legends” single to your personal playlist. By doing so, you will be helping the world become a better place.

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