Anna Aarons press photo
Photo by Steve Ullathorne

Anna Aarons releases a feel-good reggae tune, entitled, “A Perfect Day”

Anna Aarons is a singer-songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, she released a feel-good reggae tune, entitled, “A Perfect Day,” via Cute Spider.

Anna Aarons – “A Perfect Day” single

“Mmm, what a perfect day, only good things gonna come my way. Everything is A-OK, oh, what a perfect day. I’m walking way above cloud nine, making my own sunshine. I’m doing just fine and the moment is mine. Nothing’s gonna cramp my style, no one’s gonna wipe my smile as wide as a mile.” lyrics

‘A Perfect Day’ is a pick-me-up tune that gently lifts everyone’s mood into a happier space and blows away the worries of the day-to-day. The catchy sing-along chorus expresses the universal mantra to happiness: “everything is A-OK, oh what a perfect day.”

‘A Perfect Day’ contains a positive narrative, nonchalant vocal style, and tuneful melodies. The happy tune possesses ukulele-driven instrumentation flavored with contemporary reggae and indie-pop elements. Furthermore, “A Perfect Day” follows mildly on the heels of Anna Aarons’s previously released singles: Words, Her, and Since You Went Away.

“I’m free as a bird, I’ll go where the wind blows. No worries in the world.”

Anna Aarons press photo
Photo by Steve Ullathorne

“For me, ‘A Perfect Day’ isn’t about clichés of great weather and tropical beaches. But about enjoying the moment, when life around you feels calm, and you just feel fully content. The essence of the song is about creating the feeling of abundance. Because the song has such an upbeat ukulele rhythm, along with the positive lyrics, it really speaks to me when I am feeling down, and just automatically puts me in a better mood – which is what I hope will happen for everyone who listens to it too.” – Anna Aarons explained

Anna Aarons is inspired by Amy Winehouse. She has sold out multiple shows at Pizza Express Live – performing her tribute to the late soul superstar. Aarons developed a name for herself by busking on the London Underground, and her talent helped her reach the quarterfinals of the Isle of Wight’s New Blood Competition. Now, she is delivering captivating new music that is indicative of her dazzling potential. Aarons specializes in a brand of commercial yet authentic and soulful indie-pop. Her optimistic tunes also touch on dark themes such as grief.

“A Perfect Day” single

Anna Aarons - “A Perfect Day” song cover art

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