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Angèle releases a sweet music video for her “Le temps fera les choses (Alternative version)” single

Angèle (born Angèle Van Laeken) is a talented Belgian pop star. Not too long ago, she released a sweet music video for her “Le temps fera les choses (Alternative version)” single.

Angèle – “Le temps fera les choses (Alternative version)” music video

“There are those moments in life when time stands still when you are surprised to feel an emotion, you didn’t see coming. When I went to see PORTRAIT at the theatre, I started to cry seeing one of the duets; Amy and Lisa, two women of different generations dancing freely. There were multiple interpretations jostling in my head, we could see two women from the same family, like a grandmother and her granddaughter, or one and the same woman at two different times of her life. These stories resonated with what I wanted to tell by putting the song LE TEMPS FERA LES CHOSES in pictures.

A song that discusses this notion of time passing, that appeases, that heals, but also that divides. It also refers to the family, to the bonds that are both unbreakable and so fragile, to the misunderstandings that can happen in love, or the generational conflicts that would oppose, for example, grandparents and their grandchildren.

I am excited to keep exploring this feeling of dancing without being a dancer. The freedom it provides is to not follow the codes because you don’t even know them. To express myself through an art other than music or singing, and to let go for a few minutes. For the first time in a long time, I chose to go on a less comfortable ground, less mastered, on my own choice, and that gave me this rather new and pleasant sensation of lightness.” – Angèle explained

‘Le temps fera les choses (Alternative version)’ is a delicate, swirling pop track detailing the healing properties of time, with a stunning choreographed video from dancer and multi-disciplinary artist, Mehdi Kerkouche. “Le temps fera les choses (Alternative version)” and the original version is featured on Angèle’s latest album, entitled, “Nonante-Cinq La Suite (Deluxe).”

Angèle – “Nonante-Cinq La Suite (Deluxe)” album

Angèle - “Le temps fera les choses (Alternative version)” cover

Angèle’s “Nonante-Cinq La Suite” has sold more than 400,000 copies, with the singer detailing the journey to making the record in an official Netflix Documentary.

Angèle will soon be headlining a North American tour. Proving further the meteoric success of her global appeal, she will be making her debut appearance at Coachella, about which she recently spoke to VOGUE FRANCE.

Angèle will also be showcasing songs from her album, as well as her biggest hits at her forthcoming headline shows throughout North America and at London’s OVO Wembley Arena. The show is the Belgian singer’s first return to the UK since supporting Dua Lipa as part of the “Future Nostalgia” tour last year, opening two sold-out nights at London’s The O2, and collaborating on the insatiable dance-pop track, “Fever.”

Earlier this year, Angèle was named Female Artist of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique (AKA French GRAMMYS) ceremony in Paris, an accolade delivered by the French Ministry of Culture in recognizing outstanding achievement in the music industry.

Angèle has collaborated with the French luxury fashion house CHANEL for all of her stage clothes for the forthcoming tour. Some of these are inspired by the CHANEL Spring-Summer 1995 Ready-to-Wear collection, Angèle’s year of birth. It is the first time CHANEL designed bespoke outfits for an artist. Angèle is the face of Chanel’s 2021 Eye Makeup Collection and has been a CHANEL ambassador since 2020.

Angèle – “Le temps fera les choses (Alternative version)”

Angèle - “Le temps fera les choses (Alternative version)”

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