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Aname’ Rose unveils a lovely audiovisual for her “Good Feeling” single

Aname’ Rose is an up-and-coming LA-based singer-songwriter from New Iberia, Louisiana. Not too long ago, she released a lovely audiovisual for her “Good Feeling” single.

Aname’ Rose – “Good Feeling” music video

“I got a good feeling about you. It’s a natural connection. There’s nothing that I can do. Can’t crawl my way outta this one, I am just so attracted to you. A full heart, glowing with the light of a million stars. A mind at ease knowing, I’ve made it this far with you. Thanking the stillness within that I’ve found my forever. Thanking myself that I gave myself the chance to have my forever.” – lyrics

‘Good Feeling’ tells a charming tale about a young woman who shares an affectionate relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she is head-over-heels in love with him, and he loves her also. Whenever he moves she moves. Therefore, she has a good feeling about her companion, who she considers her “forever”.  

‘Good Feeling’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the song possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a warm neo-soul aroma. Furthermore, “Good Feeling” speaks about Aname’ Rose’s desire for romance, and what she’s looking for in the perfect guy.

“I’m the only one who had to prove to me I’m worthy.”

Aname’ Rose press photo

“I think my lack of self-confidence is what kept me away from making any more music. I wasn’t passionate about myself, so how could I be passionate about anything else? The day I started thinking about other careers was the day I knew I needed to change what I was thinking and feeling about myself. I want my fans to know that healing isn’t a straight line, there are a lot of things to uncover.” – Aname’ Rose speaks about struggles in her personal life

‘Good Feeling’ serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on Aname’ Rose’s upcoming debut EP, entitled, “Ready”. The project will outline her grueling journey to self-love and acceptance after enduring low moments.

“Even my dad says I’m too picky (lol). But if I can manifest a free cup of coffee that has everything I want in it down to the T, then I should have no problem manifesting the man of my dreams.”

Aname’ Rose – “Good Feeling” single

Aname’ Rose - Good Feeling cover

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