Amir Kelly – “MAUI” press photo

Amir Kelly releases a music video for his “MAUI” single

Amir Kelly is an R&B/Soul singer based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his debut single, entitled, “MAUI”.

Amir Kelly – “MAUI”

“‘Maui’ comes from a desire to provide for somebody you love in a way that nobody else could. It’s a fantasy of what life will look like, when you do what you love, for the one you love. Tagline: If I’m incapable of being the person for you now, I will be that for you someday.” – Amir Kelly

The Francisco Covarrubias-directed video depicts Black royalty and the majesty of people of color. Also, the opening scenes introduce viewers to Amir’s world, where everyone has the power to reclaim their own crown.

Though written while cleaning toilets at Starbucks, Kelly’s single, “MAUI”, details a lifestyle of luxury. Also, it contains a dreamy storyline, classical Indian melodies, and a groovy instrumentation flavored with modern hip-hop, electro-trap, and ‘90s R&B music.

Amir Kelly – “MAUI”

Amir Kelly – “MAUI” artwork
‘Maui’ exists as a contemporary fantasy which dwells within Amir’s sensual state of mind. The song takes listeners into a place where lovers can experience bliss amidst layers of love and intimacy.

Amir Kelly is a master of existing within multiple worlds. He embodies his Black and Indian heritage through his fierce and tenacious nature. Also, his animated wordplay and references to pop culture add dimension to his ear-welcoming sound.

We recommend adding Amir Kelly’s “MAUI” single to your personal playlist.

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