Ámani is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful 6-track EP, entitled, “Tbh.”.

Ámani – “Tbh.”

“A lot can change, transform, evolve, and grow within a year. I have. My surroundings have, my relationships have. My perspective on life and death has. This year has been my most successful, to date, but also filled with the most loss. This year I became a graduate of Berklee College of Music and the first person in my household to have a college degree. I also mourned the death of 6 family members and I’m still learning how to navigate my grief.” – Ámani

Throughout the EP, Ámani’s delicate soul vocals hover smoothly over mostly slow-grinding instrumentations perfumed with neo- and urban-soul scents. Also, the relational project highlights why Àmani is an artist you need to keep an ear out for.

Ámani – “Tbh.”

Ámani + “Tbh.” artwork

“I moved to Los Angeles and gained so many new beautiful and genuine friends while also seeing others for who they truly are. Also, I let go of toxic relationships. Trusting in uncertainty is the most crucial lesson I’ve learned along with committing to honesty within myself and out loud. In a world where being a student is celebrated but then the harsh reality of post-grad swept me off my feet, in a non-romantic way. I was left to remind myself of my self-worth, promising future, and how far I’ve come. I had no room to uphold anyone else’s expectations of me. Honesty, trust, and faith in the ugliest of days, uncertainties, victories, and the monotony of life kept me moving forward.” – Ámani

Ámani press photo

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