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Discover ALTÉGO’s “Couldn’t Care Less” Lyric Video Featuring Gia Koka via Arista Records

ALTÉGO (@altego_music) is a twin-brother DJ/production duo from the United Kingdom. Not too long ago, they released an energetic summer dance anthem, “Couldn’t Care Less,” featuring Gia Koka (@giakokagiakoka) via Arista Records.

ALTÉGO – “Couldn’t Care Less” feat. Gia Koka (LV)

“Couldn’t Care Less” is an ode to Rednex’s block party hit “Cotton Eye Joe.” ALTÉGO spoke on the motivation behind it, “Since we started this project we’ve always stuck to one principle; ‘Don’t take anything too seriously.’ We think this track really conveys the message of letting go and having fun – it’s the perfect song for making memories. We’re all about going larger than life and a rendition of ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ is the perfect amount of crazy for Altégo!”

Bringing multi-platinum singer-songwriter, Gia Koka, was a natural choice with her mutual love of the original track. She explained, “I think ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ is one of the best songs ever written. I’ve always wanted to do a remake of it, so when the boys were down for that, it made me so happy because I knew they would put a fun spin on it. They’re the most lovable guys ever.”

Prior to its release, “Couldn’t Care Less” gained attention via ALTÉGO’s experimental TikTok series adding dance drums to Country music that garnered 2.5M views. The buzz crossed over to Instagram where it is currently the #17 trending sound on Instagram Reels.

ALTÉGO – “Bling Bling”

Sparked by Y2K hits, “Couldn’t Care Less” follows “Bling Bling,” similarly inspired by Harold Faltermeyer’s original version of “Axel F/Crazy Frog.” Since the release, the duo has garnered millions of views and built an impressive audience of nearly 5 million followers across platforms.


ALTÉGO press photo

ALTÉGO consists of two distinct sides. In their case, those sides belong to Michael and Lukas Fernandes-Pense. The duo merges musical extremes, striking a balance between dancefloor-ready energy, pop universality, R&B drip, and hip-hop swagger. This approach has transformed the pair into a global phenomenon with north of 156+ million streams, 4 billion-plus TikTok plays, and media support.

Born to an Angolan-Portuguese mother and Austrian-Indian father, the guys grew up surrounded by music. Attending BIMM University, they explored their respective talents and unlocked another level of sonic synergy. As the world slipped into lockdown, the brothers completed their degrees at home. Restrictions eased by the end of 2021, and they started to upload on TikTok under the name ALTÉGO—inspired by Lukas’s old burner account alter ego “Logan ALTÉGO.”

Britney Spears x Ginuwine x Altégo – “Toxic Pony”

ALTÉGO initially lit up TikTok with their mashup of Daddy Yankee and Lil Nas X, “Montero Gasolina.” Their Billie Eilish and Justin Timberlake concoction, “Cry Me A Lost Cause,” soundtracked one of Addison Rae’s videos—which spiked the view count again.

However, “Toxic Pony” popped off as a global phenomenon in 2022, marrying “Toxic” by Britney Spears and “Pony” by Ginuwine in a wild unholy matrimony. It eclipsed 130 million global streams and cracked the Top 10 on the Billboard R&B Chart. Along the way, they inked a deal with Arista Records and only picked up the pace.

ALTÉGO – “Couldn’t Care Less” Single

ALTÉGO - “Couldn’t Care Less” cover art

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