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Aliyah’s Interlude releases a Stylish Music Video for her New “Fashion Icon” Single

Aliyah’s Interlude (@aliyahsinterlude) is a New York City-based Gen-Z alternative artist, and social media influencer/internet sensation from Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, she released a stylish music video for her second single, “Fashion Icon,” produced by Oscar Scheller & Blake Xterra.

Aliyah’s Interlude – “Fashion Icon” music video

“I always felt like an outcast growing up. The world will make you feel like you have to follow trends, look like everyone else, or agree with the masses to be accepted. F*CK That! You feel the most free when you say F*CK that sh*t & be yourself! I hope this song empowers you to be your most c*nt self even if you don’t feel like that 100% of the time. It’s not about what’s ON you, it’s about what’s IN you.” – Aliyah’s Interlude explained

“Fashion Icon” finds Aliyah’s Interlude addressing the fact that being a fashion icon is something anyone can obtain. “Dior, Gucci, Prada, all the pieces, it doesn’t matter,” she raps. “Your fit’s a million dollars and that sh*t is still a nada.” For Aliyah’s Interlude, it doesn’t matter if your clothes are thrifty or designer, you can still be a fashion icon no matter what the social trends try to dictate. “I can wear a F*cking trash bag and still gag hoes like Em’ Rata,'” Aliyah’s Interlude bragged. “It’s not really about how much it costs. What it really comes down to is if you’re a cunt b*tch or not.”

“Fashion Icon” contains a relatable fashion-based narrative with a nostalgic yet modern, ’80s-electronic/hip-hop/dance vibe that was popping in New York City clubs during the Zulu Nation’s musical era. Furthermore, “Fashion Icon”  is a tremendous follow-up to Aliyah’s Interlude’s viral debut single, “It Girl.”

Aliyah’s Interlude – “It Girl” Music Video

“It Girl” has accumulated over 8M views on YouTube, over 1M TikTok videos, and nearly 90M streams to date. With nearly 5M monthly Spotify listeners, it’s safe to say that Aliyah’s Interlude is making moves out here with her fashion sense and musical ingenuity. She cited Grace Jones and Vivienne Westwood as her biggest style icons, and Issa Rae and Keke Palmer as influences.

Aliyah’s Interlude – “Fashion Icon” single

Aliyah's Interlude - “Fashion Icon” cover art

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