Alim Smith

Alim Smith is set to display his “Get Out” Solo Art Exhibition

Alim Smith is a Delaware-based, Afro Surrealist/interdisciplinary artist. His work has been exhibited in American art galleries, primarily on the east coast. On August 5th to the 6th, he will be displaying his unique artwork based on characters from the movie, “Get Out”. The exhibition will take place at the National Black Theatre in Harlem, NY, during the Hip Hop Film Festival 2017 event.

Alim Smith

Smith has amazing artwork, and his prints are available for sale. Check out his frequently asked questions.

When did you start creating art?

Alim Smith: I was always creating or scribbling something, but the first time I remember enjoying art was in kindergarten. We had to color in a fire. My brother and mom saw that I was just using red and they told me to use orange, yellow, and blue because fire isn’t just one color. I remember enjoying that.

What’s your process like?

AS: My process is different depending on what I’m creating. But I usually start off by turning on a long-ass podcast or an album I don’t mind not listening to all the way through. Then I just get to work. I just need some kind of continuous sound in the background. I can’t create in silence.

Did you go to art school or were you self-taught?

AS: I went to an art school for middle and high school and middle school. But I still feel self-taught because they didn’t teach us how to draw. They just told us what to draw so the people who couldn’t draw still aren’t that good.  And the ones that could are just a little better.

Do you have any advice for artists and creators?

AS: My only advice would be don’t stop creating and don’t worry too much about people’s opinions of your work.

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