ALFHA Bliss - “Dig cover

ALFHA Bliss releases an honest R&B tune, entitled, “Dig”

ALFHA Bliss is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released an honest R&B tune, entitled, “Dig”.

ALFHA Bliss – “Dig” single

“I know there’s way more to you than what meets the eye. I’ll go deeper till I find paradise. Said you’re complicated, well, so am I. And the one thing that I got for you is time, and that ain’t cheap. But it’s worth the treasure I’ll find in your physique. Baby, I’ll just keep exploring you to sleep. Said if you want it, you gon’ have to dive in deep.” – lyrics

‘Dig’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a warm contemporary R&B aroma.

‘Dig’ tells a sensual tale of a young guy who doesn’t mind getting dirty with his significant other. Apparently, he practices what he preaches. Therefore, he doesn’t want his companion to make things easy for him because he would rather dig for what his heart desires.

“Dig” single

“Simplicity is a lost art form, almost nostalgic in practice. Before 2008, love songs on the radio didn’t need to be vulgar in order to be sexy. I wanted to bring that energy back, and ‘Dig’ is a perfect example of a sultry love jam that doesn’t need to rely on blunt and vulgar words in order to paint a picture—my pen paints the pictures for me. When old school R&B meets the new wave, you get this. Thank you for listening!” – ALFHA Bliss

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