Alexander Nate + "Red Canary" EP

Alexander Nate releases a nostalgic soul tune, entitled, “Red Canary”

Alexander Nate is an R&B/Soul singer-songwriter from Virginia. Not too long ago, he released “Red Canary”, a nostalgic soul tune from his new EP bearing the same name.

Alexander Nate – “Red Canary”

“Two weeks into February, I saw you in that red canary and you was sitting down with a couple of friends talking about your ex and how you’re happy you’re single again. So, I wanna know if I can get your name?” – lyrics

‘Red Canary’ tells a bittersweet tale of a guy who encounters a woman he desires. She just got out of a romantic relationship, therefore, he gives her his phone number, wishing she would call him.

As time goes by, and years come and go, he still thinks about her being in that red canary. But that image vanishes when he finds out she’s about to walk down the aisle with another man. He’s sad but still happy that she’s happy. If he could tell her one last thing, he would say, “I hope he makes you happy. But if he lets you down, I’ll be back around. ‘Cause you’re the one I want.”    

‘Red Canary’ contains a relatable storyline, raspy-toned soul vocals, and a magnetic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and urban soul elements.

Alexander Nate – “Red Canary”

Alexander Nate + "Red Canary" EP
“This EP is a reflection of a simpler time in my life, before all the sh*t that comes at you when you leave your hometown.” – Alexander Nate

Alexander Nate’s “Red Canary” EP paints vivid pictures of love lost, family, and hopes for a lost soul. It’s easy to hear the influences of the Motown era in his stories and voice. Also, his vocal style is reminiscent of Sam Cooke and Nina Simone. Check out Nate’s “Red Canary” EP and let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

“Red Canary” EP

We recommend adding Alexander Nate’s “Red Canary” single to your personal playlist.

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