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Alayna releases a lovely R&B tune, entitled, “Between Dusk and Dawn”

Alayna is a singer-songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. Not too long ago, she released “Between Dusk and Dawn”, a lovely R&B tune from her “Sweet Soul” EP.

Alayna – “Between Dusk and Dawn”

“The song itself is about the rose-tinted filter being lifted and learning the hard truth of breaking beyond repair, and myself being the culprit. Learning what it is to be ripped open to show your insides and finally seeing what ‘being human’ really is and it’s not always pretty. How nothing is black and white and life and love is so much more complex and layered than I ever thought it could be.” – Alayna

‘Between Dusk and Dawn’ contains a relevant narrative, warm soul vocals, and a cinematic instrumentation perfumed with a soulish aroma.

Alayna – “Sweet Soul” EP

Alayna – “ Between Dusk and Dawn” artwork

“When I first met Finneas, he asked how I was doing. I had the choice to be either guarded like I usually am or be completely honest and open up. Honesty won and I’ve now written my most vulnerable song to date. Off the back of a few months of the hardest heartbreak and life lessons I’ve experienced.” – Alayna speaks about her first U.S. collaboration

Check out Alayna’s “Sweet Soul” EP, which has amassed over 10 million streams online.

“Sweet Soul” EP

“The EP represents everything I have been up until now. ‘Bliss’ and ‘High Off You’ were four years in the making. And it’s a taste platter of getting to know me and my identity, my voice and my emotions. I’m still getting to know myself and learning every day. It’s about laying down this part of my life and moving on. My music and writing will grow with me, I’m really excited about my new projects.” – Alayna

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