Akine releases her “No Gold” single to confront her darkest fears

Akine is a young pop singer from Ukraine. Not too long ago, she released her “No Gold” single to confront her darkest fears.

Akine – “No Gold”

“I wrote the song partly as a reminder of what could happen if I don’t work for what I want. It’s about a hypothetical person who wastes away their potential. This causes her to spiral into a wasted life of addiction and self-harm. Becoming the worst version of herself. Taunted by thoughts of what she could have achieved.” – Akine

The singer confronts the fear of failure that haunts many of us. She assumes the life of a character who runs away from what she knows, only to lose herself in her new identity.

Akine – “No Gold”


No Gold is a song about the loss of innocence, and growing up and taking the wrong turns in life. Also, it highlights a 17-year-old singer who doesn’t shy away from honesty, and doesn’t romanticize the harsh reality of her storyline.”

The lead character starts to forget herself as she travels further into a life of hedonism. She squanders what she could have been, eventually succumbing to hopelessness. And what she once was is a far cry from what she is now.

“No Gold” follows Akine’s debut single, entitled, “Pray For the Prey”.

Akine – “Pray For the Prey”

The music video examines the role of organized religion in Ukraine, while the country faced civil war.

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