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AJ Wander releases a heartfelt pop tune, entitled, “When You Say I Love You”

AJ Wander is a singer-songwriter from London, England. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt pop tune, entitled, “When You Say I Love You.”

AJ Wander – “When You Say I Love You” single

“‘When You Say I Love You’ is about someone falling for you too fast and that desire to go along with it just because you don’t want them to experience rejection. Eventually, you arrive at a realization that pretending to be in love is not healthy, so you choose to be honest. But telling them that you need to slow things down is an emotional minefield.” – AJ Wander explained

AJ Wander’s songs tackle relational pain, and lyrically they are uplifting but not despairing. They carry a more cinematic, inspiring quality that stays with the listener in the truest sense of pop traditions. Also, Wander’s emotionally engaging tenor and melodic piano riffs provide warmth and depth rarely seen by a young songwriter.

His “When You Say I Love You” single is one of several tracks recorded in London and Barcelona with producer Brad Mair (Dean Lewis, Jamie Cullum, Kygo) which will culminate in AJ Wander’s first EP, due in late 2022.

“I get scared when you say, ‘I love you.’”

AJ Wander press photo

“[My forthcoming EP] definitely plots out the course of a breakup and its aftermath. It’s me reasoning with myself, working out why it happened, justifying it, and trying to understand it. Self-therapy through music is a way of me dealing with my emotions. The songs I write mean the world to me. There would be nothing more amazing than to see them mean something to others too.” – AJ Wander explained

AJ Wander, the son of a pianist father, had music in his genes from an early age. Varying instruments were scattered around his childhood home in the suburbs of southeast London. The musical landscape inspired a young AJ to sing, play, and eventually write.

His debut single, “Time Out,” was written soon after an explosive breakup and represents the moment that AJ realized he had to let his first love go. To date, “Time Out” has accumulated over four million streams and it has been added to official Spotify playlists such as Home Again and Fresh Finds Pop.

“When You Say I Love You” single

AJ Wander - “When You Say I Love You” song cover art

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