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A New Ode to Self-Empowerment: Discover Aiza’s “Sovereignty” Album

Aiza (@aizabby) is a Montreal-raised singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful debut album, “Sovereignty,” which features 11 adoring tracks that showcase Aiza’s unique blend of soulful Afropop and R&B. In her own words, Aiza stated, “[Sovereignty] is an ode to the many lessons I’ve learned to become the empowered and unapologetic woman I am today.”

Aiza – “Sovereignty” music video

“I got Fides in my blood, like a lotus I grew from the mud, yeah. Manifestor by design, finally free from the lies. I got my elders here with me, keeping my eyes on the truth. They watching like it’s a movie from the top of the hills of Burundi. I done had an epiphany, chakras aligned, stars in the sky steady protecting my energy. Facing my demons one at a time.” – lyrics

Aiza sings with passion, “F*** it, I’m coming through young, Black, gifted, and beautiful!” The percussive title track establishes Aiza as a musical threat. With her roots planted deep in the ground like a sycamore tree, she claims total dominion as she maneuvers through the world with her head held high.

“I was blind but now I can see.”

Aiza - “Sovereignty” press photo

“Cut the bullsh*t like a barber, I come from a long lineage of bada$$ women. Gotta stand in my power, I’m on my Buddha, Zen as a monk. Shaking my body when I’m in a funk. Bumpin’ that Fela, Tiwa, Yemi. Blackity Black and I know I’m enough yeah. All this time I was sippin’ on the Kool Aid, but it’s a new day, yeah it’s a new day. White man ain’t got nothing on me. Loose curled Betty ain’t got nothing on me.” – lyrics

Creating a hypnotic soundscape of drums, bass, and synths, Aiza and C The Reason share a compass for the equal parts vulnerable and boundary-establishing songs to come. “Sovereignty” features previously released singles, including the playful Afropop of “Majimbo,” Aiza’s French language “eff around and find out” anthem, “Kité,” the delectable and self-assured “Alright,” as well as the album’s debaucherously and seductive lead single, “Cocoa Butter.”

During the three years it took to complete “Sovereignty,” Aiza explains that she “chose to bet on [herself] over and over again, even when [she] had no idea how it would come together.”

Aiza – “Sovereignty” album

Sovreignty - Album Cover (final assembly)

“To my precious and growing tribe around the world, thank you for believing in this little Burundian girl from Montreal. I have never been more proud to put out a project and I can’t wait for you to listen to it on repeat. May this album become the soundtrack to powerful awakenings and unforgettable nights spent dancing under the moonlight.

“The album dives into my experiences dealing with heartbreak, healing my inner child, honoring my lineage, and boldly owning the fact that I’m a star.” – Aiza stated

Working with her longtime partner and producer, C The Reason, as well as an established team of collaborators including Divinity Roxx, Beyoncé’s former bassist and music director, Aiza has crafted a collection of songs that she is extremely proud of.

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