aimés - “Running Out” cover

aimés releases a lovely indie-pop single, entitled, “Running Out”

aimés is an up-and-coming British-born singer-songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. Not too long ago, she released a lovely indie-pop single, titled, “Running Out.” The song was co-written and co-produced by aimés and Ethan Conway, and co-produced by Oscar Dawson from Holy Holy.

aimés – “Running Out” single

‘Running Out’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who realizes her love for her significant other is running out. She’s unsure how much more she can give because she spent it all trying to keep her companion around. Later, she tells her partner, “Looking through these photographs, tryna find what we had, but you’re missing, you’re missing. And if I knew that you were sorry, I might give you one last chance to put this right.”

‘Running Out’ contains a moody groove over which aimés sings with a heavy heart. “As much as I would like to give you what you want, nothing that I give would be enough.” That quote in a nutshell captures the essence of “Running Out,” which will echo well with anyone who remembers telling their significant other, “I don’t really feel like getting into this right now.”

“Every time that we try, you can never see why you’re the reason for this pain.”

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“‘Running Out’ expresses the limits of love. It’s about getting to a place where you feel like you can finally put yourself first in a relationship that has never served you. It is a hopeful song even though it is raw and emotion provoking. It talks about a new chapter in someone’s life who is ready to make a change for their personal needs and growth. The song was written after a recent trip home to see family in the UK. It was within a few hours, starting with the keys, then the backing vocals, and then the guitar. I wanted it to have a nostalgic feel, a thought-provoking feel. And I think we achieved that with the sound of the guitar and keys and vocal.” – aimés explained

aimés drinks herbal tea at her cute neighborhood café, “Four Ate Five,” while writing lyrics and chatting to the hip humble staff. With a sound that blends elements of indie, pop, and soul, aimés has become known for her confessional songwriting, soulful crisp vocals, and catchy hooks. It’s been a hustling few years for the singer-songwriter who has four single releases in the pipeline for 2023.


aimés press photo

aimés live shows are always one for the memory bank, drawing you in with her fun-loving nature and dynamic stage presence. She is on stage having the best time, so it is no surprise that this rubs off on her audience. From her humble beginnings in County Durham, UK, to her current home in Surry Hills, Sydney, aimés has never lost sight of the dream she first had as a little girl. Whether it was singing Whitney Houstonʼs “Greatest Love of All” at the top of her lungs (badly), putting on Spice Girls’ shows with super-tight choreography for her grandparents’ summer BBQs or playing MJ’s “Dangerous” album on repeat on her parents’ CD player.

Driven by that love of music and the desire to connect with others through her art, aimés strives to win more hearts with her up-and-coming releases. There’s no doubt she is poised to make a lasting impact on the Australian music scene and beyond.

aimés – “Running Out” single

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