Agina is an R&B/Soul singer from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a sexy music video for her “Birds and the Bees” single.

Agina – “Birds and the Bees”

“What is love? What is desire, what is real? Do you remember your first time? Who determines that we can’t relive our first time in different occasions? Every time you make love to someone new, isn’t it like the first time? It’s terrifying, it’s exciting.” – Narration Voiceover

The @sdkll-directed video finds Agina and model DeAngelo Lowrance romancing inside a parked vehicle. Apparently, this is their first time making love outdoors, and this excitement intensifies their hedonistic action.



Agina and model DeAngelo Lowrance

When the baby-making tune begins, the couple is relaxed inside a comfortable living room. Lowrance writes and then he reads a book. Agina plays a guitar, lights a candle, and plays a vinyl record.

While watering a plant, his hand touches her’s. This act on his part sparks an opportunity for romance. The following scene finds them inside a dreamy pink-filtered room with sprinkled light. They are in each other’s arm and the world doesn’t exist anymore. They kiss and bliss is felt.

Agina – “Birds and the Bees”


“I wanted to make a music video/movie to paint a beautiful image of the song. “Birds and the Bees” is about creating your first time in many occasions. Even when you’re in a relationship with someone and it might not feel exciting anymore…you can always find a new beginning. I hope whoever is watching can escape their everyday life and take a ride with me on this magical fantasy.” – Agina

Agina is the last and youngest artists to be signed to Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records. Now, a decade later, she’s an independent singer who’s blazing a new R&B path. Also, a former finalist on The Voice in Mexico, she toured as an opening act for her coach Ricky Martin.

We recommend adding Agina’s “Birds and the Bees” single to your personal playlist.

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