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AE Drops a Cozy Music Video for their Brand-New Rap Single, “Sensei”

AE (Ads & Els @a2emusic) is a dynamic UK Rap girl duo from South London, England. Following the explosive success of their viral hit “Capri Sun” in 2023, AE returns with a cozy music video for their brand-new rap single, “Sensei,” produced by PB. The song breaks musical boundaries by blending UK hip-hop and lo-fi rap and marks the beginning of their campaign for UK rap domination in 2024.

AE – “Sensei” music video

“Sensei” contains neo-soul and hip-hop production mixed with a fresh wave of braggadocious and flirty bars and melodic flows. The mellow tune reminds listeners why AE is the next best thing in UK Rap. “Sensei” also serves as a masterclass in lyrical finesse, with Ads and Els delivering their insightful teachings throughout the track.

Els embodies the very essence of the title, serving up unapologetically raw insights into the topics at hand. With lines like “Don’t care about opinions, I’m chilling where the facts is” she commands attention, cutting through the noise of opinions with unfiltered truth. In a world saturated with voices clamoring for attention, Els delivers a bold directive: listen up and learn.

Meanwhile, Ads employs a shrewd rhetorical strategy, peppering her verses with questions that she deftly answers herself. This dynamic interplay not only underscores her lyrical prowess but also elevates the narrative of “Sensei,” inviting listeners into a world where wisdom and authenticity reign supreme.

AE – “On The Radar” Freestyle

AE continues to solidify their presence in the UK music scene, kicking off the year with strong endorsements from ‘COMPLEX UK’ and ‘9bills’ as Artists to Watch Out for in 2024. Additionally, they’ve collaborated with the renowned New York platform On The Radar.

AE – “Sensei” single

AE - “Sensei” cover art

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