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ADream Sings releases a hot R&B tune, entitled, “Everybody”

ADream Sings is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Not too long ago, she released “Everybody”, a hot R&B tune from her “I Just Want to Write” EP.

ADream Sings – “Everybody”

“Don’t be scared to leave him alone. That ni^^a f*ck everybody else. Ya Ni^^a stay in my DMs, slip and slide all in my inbox. So what you mad at me for? Better check ya ni^^a. That ni^^a stay working your nerves, but ya ni^^a can’t secure a job. It’s a no for me but it might just work for you. Y ni^^a f*ck everybody he be f*cking with everything.” – lyrics

‘Everybody’ tells the tale of a laid back female who tells a disgruntled woman that her boyfriend isn’t any good. He’s a cheater and spreads himself thin, all across the board. Therefore, the female suggests that the disgruntled woman get rid of her man asap because he isn’t changing his cheating ways anytime soon. Also, she makes it clear to the woman that she doesn’t want her man, therefore, there’s no need to ask her questions about him.

‘Everybody’ contains a relatable storyline, lovely soul vocals, and charismatic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and urban soul elements.


ADream Sings press photo

ADream Sings was born in Vicenza, Italy to two military parents. The BMW-signed artist began her musical journey in 2016, and ever since then, she’s been perfecting her sound. Check out her “I Just Want to Write” EP via Spotify.

“I Just Want to Write” EP

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