ABISHA - “Numb” music video still

ABISHA releases an appealing music video for her “Numb” single

ABISHA is a singer-songwriter from Devon, England. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her “Numb” single. Originally written in August of last year (2020) with Toby Scott and Olivia Sebastianelli, “Numb” was created with the hope of empowering listeners to get through their lowest moments.

ABISHA – “Numb” music video

“I wrote ‘Numb’ at a time where I felt exactly that. The pressure of social media alongside superficial friendships and dead-end relationships was really getting to me and I was feeling pretty low. Also, I was struggling with self-image and my identity, which has always been a battle for me. I wanted to include all of these things in a song so that anyone else who might feel the same way wouldn’t feel alone.” – ABISHA explained

‘Numb’ finds ABISHA beckoning listeners into the most vulnerable corners of her mind. She ponders on the toxicity of social media and hollow relationships that can take a mental toll. Furthermore, “Numb” fences off what has been a tough period living under the physical and emotional pressures of the pandemic that have put our mental health to the test. The stunning dark-toned video features ABISHA through an intimate, close-up lens, where the peaceful solitude of her surroundings highlights the private and lonely nature of her inner battle.

“My identity’s a crisis, it’s so pointless tryna fight it.”

ABISHA - “Numb” music video still

“Despite ‘Numb’ having a fairly dark meaning, the production of the track somewhat lifts it and helps it not feel too heavy or negative. This is really important to me because I want people who can relate to the lyrics of the song to feel seen and not alone, and to know that it gets better. That dark place that they may be in will turn to light.” – ABISHA explained

As another year filled with uncertainty concludes, “Numb” is a much-needed track to reflect back and declutter our headspace. This past year has seen ABISHA pioneering her message of mental health further and more ambitiously through her music and ambassadorship with MindOut, where she has been advocating for LGBTQ+ mental health. Her knack for translating complex, heavy-hearted topics into uplifting melodies – and her boldness to voice out causes that are close to her heart – has helped her fans form a profound connection with her.

ABISHA – “If You Were Mine” (DJ Paulette Remix)

Early last month, she returned with an all-female remix package of her UK garage-inspired single, “If You Were Mine.” The remix featured reimagined versions by British house legend, DJ Paulette, Brooklyn artist, Talia Goddess, and Liverpudlian ESSEL.

DJ Paulette’s remix was featured on BBC Radio 1 Dancefloor Moment by Jaguar, who interviewed ABISHA and introduced her as “the queen, the vision.” For the 26-year-old, it is not only about the melodic appeal of her music but also the encompassing message and its impact on her listeners.

“I don’t really know what the hell I’m living for. It’s all sugar on the surface but it’s empty in the core.”

ABISHA - “Numb” music video still

“Over the past year or so, I’ve thought a lot more about what I want to convey with my music. And so much of that is about empowering people through sharing my experiences. I think it’s so important for artists to be open because it helps other people to feel comfortable with themselves. Especially people who come from a place like I did, where they don’t have anyone they can relate to or talk to. I’d love for my music to get through to people and help them understand that how they feel is completely okay, and they don’t ever have to hide who they truly are.” – ABISHA explained

These past two years have been a phase of exponential growth and discovery for ABISHA. The expansion has helped her connect with her fans on a more personal level while solidifying her position as an artist who isn’t afraid to venture out to new territories. From her 2020 debut EP, “Scorpio,” R&B jam, “One Night,” and a collaboration with FootLocker EU for their #ShoesDontChangeTheWorld campaign, to the self-care anthem, “Time Alone,” ABISHA continues to push herself with more confidence and ambition.

“We fall in lust but we don’t fall in love. ‘Cause we lose interest when it gets too much.”

ABISHA - “Numb” music video still

With 2021 coming to an end, ABISHA is ready to embark on a new chapter of her artistry. No genre or thematic boundaries will be allowed to restrict her creativity. For 2022, she will be releasing a new body of work that mirrors the more positive headspace she is in. Also, she will unveil her new project at the end of Summer 2022. Her upcoming record finds her exploring different sounds and sides of her ever-evolving identity.

“Numb” single

ABISHA - “Numb” music video still

“Think I need therapy, can’t find my energy. I’ve lost the best of me, it’s weighing heavily. My phone gives me anxiety, the outside world is scaring me. Must be a way to just be me, where I’m finally free, oh there better be. ‘Cause I don’t really know what the hell I’m living for. It’s all sugar on the surface but it’s empty in the core. And I don’t really know where the hell that I fit in. ‘Cause reality is spinning and it’s tearing at my skin.” – lyrics

‘Numb’ will be followed by a new remix, which ABISHA will be unveiling more details soon. With each release, she seeks to invigorate her audience while cementing herself as an artist/innovator.

‘Numb’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The hypnotic tune possesses melodic production flavored with contemporary and alternative-pop elements. Furthermore, “Numb” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from ABISHA in the near future as she continues to release new music.

“Numb” single

ABISHA - “Numb” song cover art

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