Abigail Barlow - “Rock Bottom” press photo
Photo by Danica Robinson

Discover Abigail Barlow’s “Rock Bottom” Single: A Reflection On A Year Of Growth

Abigail Barlow (@abigailbarloww) is a 24-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and composer. Not too long ago, she returned with a lovely visualizer (created by Danica Robinson) for her new single, “Rock Bottom,” via Pink & Purple Records.

Abigail Barlow – “Rock Bottom” (official visualizer)

“Everyone thinks I’m down below the Marianas . Everyone drinks, down with the queen, who just can’t be honest. They watch as I sink, but the truth is the pressure is just what I needed. And I’m doing better than ever if you can believe it. Guess I’m a villain, I guess it’s up to me to play the Heroine I was meant to be.” – lyrics

A culmination of the past year’s ups and downs, “Rock Bottom” (co-written with Kings and Gus Ross, who also produced the track) is a statement from an artist who has reflected, learned, and grown as an artist who has realized that her voice and message continue to resonate powerfully as she looks ahead to the future.

After contesting a lawsuit over her GRAMMY-Award winning, “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical,” as half of Barlow & Bear, “Rock Bottom” reflects on the experiences she’s had over the past year, paving the path forward, onward, and upward for Abigail as an artist. Furthermore, “Rock Bottom” is the first track from her upcoming debut solo album, “Princess Pop,” due out early 2024.

“It’s up to me to play the heroine I was meant to be.”

Abigail Barlow - “Rock Bottom” press photo
Photo by Danica Robinson

“‘Rock Bottom’ is for my inner artist. With this single, I’m embarking on an artistic journey to tell my story of self-discovery and resiliency and getting back to sharing music that I’m proud of. In the wake of a GRAMMY win, a lawsuit, and over a year of silence, I’ve found my voice and defined my sound while working on my debut album, ‘Princess Pop,’ dropping in 2024…and it all begins with this song.” – Abigail Barlow explained

Abigail’s clever lyricism and killer hook sensibility create a unique Katy-Perry-pop-meets-Alan-Menken-musical-theater-storytelling style, setting the stage for her new era of solo music. “Princess Pop” is the story of Abigail Barlow, weaving together her own experiences with inspiration from classic fairy tales to create glittering, theatrical popcraft. Two additional singles will be released this year following “Rock Bottom” before “Princess Pop” is released in early 2024.

“Underwater no one hears me Sing.”

Abigail Barlow - “Rock Bottom” mermaid press photo

“When I resurface, inherit the earth and the ocean, I’ll come out better than ever I know it. When I resurface, inherit the earth and the ocean, they’re gonna welcome me home with arms wide open, arms wide open! Cause it’s not that deep, only 37,000 feet underwater, no one hears me sing. Telling the story just how I wanna (wanna) ‘cause I got a tale to tell at rock bottom.” – lyrics

Named to Forbes’ 2022 30 Under 30, Abigail’s commitment to a fairer, more equitable music industry also raises the bar for her artist peers in a concrete way. For “Princess Pop,” she strives to include at least one female writer or producer in her songwriting and recording sessions and offers a writer’s fee in addition to master points to every writer on her releases. She also takes pride in being an independent female artist and strongly believes that creators should be compensated for their work.

Abigail Barlow – “Rock Bottom” single

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