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Abby Jasmine releases a contemporary R&B tune, entitled, “On My Way”, featuring XanMan

Abby Jasmine is a rising urban artist from New York. Not too long ago, she released a contemporary R&B tune, entitled, “On My Way”, featuring XanMan.

Abby Jasmine – “On My Way” single featuring XanMan

“You said I been movin’ different, I been bein’ distant. I said I’m just kickin’ it. Mama said, ‘Get your money, don’t you be dependent.’ So I went and got it and I ain’t afraid to spend it. I’ve been missing for a minute, I got it. I don’t need nobody to give me credit, I got debit. Only time a ni^^a talkin’ crazy if I let him. If you did me dirty, I’ma make sure you regret it. ‘Cause I’m on my way to the bucks, can’t pay my bills with no love.” – lyrics

‘On My Way’ tells a fearless tale of a determined young woman who feels she’s too strong to be with a weak individual.

Apparently, she’s rich and independent. Therefore, she doesn’t need to de reliant on anyone for anything. Later, she admits that she doesn’t vibe with no one, and prefers to mind her business.

‘On My Way’ is featured on Abby Jasmine’s 4-track EP, entitled, “I Hate You All”.

Abby Jasmine’s “I Hate You All” EP 

Abby Jasmine - “I Hate You All” EP cover

‘On My Way’ contains a relatable storyline, harmonious vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with contemporary rap and R&B elements. 

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