Àbáse releases a tasty jazz tune, entitled, “Align” featuring Wayne Snow

Àbáse (Szabolcs Bognar) is a producer/pianist/multi-instrumentalist from Budapest, Hungary. Not too long ago, he released a tasty jazz tune, entitled, “Align”, featuring French/Nigerian singer-songwriter Wayne Snow.

Àbáse – “Align” featuring Wayne Snow

“The chord structure, melody, and groove of ‘Align’ was one of my earliest musical ideas. I brought some sketches and ideas to the table but really left as much as I could for the band, building on our chemistry and shaping the music together. Also, the addition of Wayne Snow on vocals really crowned the composition. We recorded his vocals in less than an hour in my living room.” – Àbáse

‘Align’ contains a strong and smooth rhythm section, two drummers, two bass players, and a percussionist merged together to create a spectacular 8-minute musical journey through the cosmos. 

Driven by a steady rhythmic soundscape, the flute and the Rhodes playfully chase each other around, creating a sweet tension which Wayne Snow’s entry in the middle of the track serves.

With the addition of Snow’s smooth vocal, ‘Align’  turns into a jazz fusion melody with some extra synths and ends up in a fat raw broken beat.

Àbáse – “Align” featuring Wayne Snow

Àbáse + “Align" Artwork

Àbáse plays an active part in the Hungarian music, jazz, and hip-hop scene. He is a member of several successful Hungarian acts including  Amoeba, Soulclap Budapest, and the latest project—The Mabon Dawud Republic, a fourteen-piece Afrobeat orchestra guest-starring Dele Sosimi.

Wayne Snow

Wayne Snow
“This song is about unity, togetherness. If you listen carefully you will feel it.” – Wayne Snow

‘Align’ was released via Berlin-based label Cosmic Compositions. The song marks the announcement of the upcoming 7-track debut EP to follow in 2019.

We recommend adding Àbáse’s “Align” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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