Aarika press photo
Photo by David Higgs

Aarika releases a lovely electro-pop tune, entitled, “Make a Move”

Aarika is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a lovely electro-pop tune, entitled, “Make a Move.”

Aarika – “Make a Move” single

“Creating this song was quite interesting. I remember one day, out of nowhere, having this melody stuck on repeat in my head. I recorded a voice memo – as I always do, which ended up turning into my chorus. Club music has always influenced me, so one night I heard a euphoric-sounding song. I loved the consistent bass in the background, which inspired me to integrate a bass element in a production of my own.” – Aarika explained

‘Make a Move’ tells a veracious story of desperately trying to get someone to notice all the things you do to impress them. However, they are seemingly blind and oblivious to what you are trying to do.

‘Make a Move’ takes on a darker, subliminal side, sultry, yet mysterious. The song also gives an edgy and unexpected new look and sound for Aarika’s audience. Furthermore, “Make a Move” follows on the heels of Aarika’s debut single, entitled, “Uber Home Alone,” which accumulated over one million streams online via Spotify. Plus, “Uber Home Alone,” resonated well with Aarika’s generation, divulging the toxic normalization of parties, hookup culture, and superficial lifestyles.


Aarika press photo
Photo by David Higgs

“When writing ‘Make a Move,’ I wanted it to be as if it were a glimpse inside of my mind as I’m going through these intense emotions. When your mind runs through a million different scenarios all at once, it is overwhelming and I wanted to find a way to showcase that feeling of frantically searching for answers, trying to understand if the feelings are reciprocated. Through this writing perspective, I hope that the listeners find it relatable.” – Aarika explained

With modern-day society, the dating culture has moved to communicate through social media apps, making it more and more complex to navigate. Therefore, Aarika hopes that her frustrations are captured in this song. Captivating the dance floor, “Make a Move” takes on a whole new era of her vision as an artist.

“Make a Move” single

Aarika - “Make a Move” song cover art
Cover art by Owenkempdesign | photo by Amy Le

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