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Move to the Rhythm of A Fe-Nomenal Production’s “Get Up and Dance” Single

Not too long ago, A Fe-Nomenal Production released a lovely lyric video for their inspiring disco-dance single, “Get Up and Dance,” written by Shirley Goines, a talented songwriter from New York City.

A Fe-Nomenal Production – “Get Up and Dance”

“When the struggle was holding us down, we didn’t give up. We knew we could count on each other; we faced the world head on, held onto our trust. Now, look at us, we made it through the storm. We stuck together, now, we’ve won. We won’t look back, it’s sunny days ahead, so, get up and dance.” – lyrics

“Get Up and Dance” encourages togetherness. After all our tears have dried up and there are no more tears to cry, “Get Up and Dance” is here to motivate and remind us that our time is now, and together we can shine. The song will resonate well with anyone who made it through a horrible storm. “We’re gonna shout for joy, we’re gonna hold our head up high. We made it through, only the strong survive.”

“Get Up and Dance” contains a motivational narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and catchy melodies. The song also possesses groovy bass, saturated drums, and a funky guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with disco-dance, funk, soul, and contemporary R&B elements. Furthermore, “Get Up and Dance” will make you feel good about yourself while you involuntarily bob your head, dance, and sing along to the words of the song.

“Wake up to sweet music, it’s the good life.”

Shirley Goines press photo

“‘Get Up and Dance’ is about the importance of never giving up regardless of the struggles you face every day. The message of the song is to stay on your grind because perseverance pays off, and also to remind you to celebrate every win, big or small, never miss a chance to ‘Get Up and Dance.’” – songwriter Shirley Goines explained

Shirley Goines collaborates with artists worldwide by releasing songs on her indie label, Global Harmony Records, where she produces studio projects such as A Fe-Nomenal Production.

A Fe-Nomenal Production – “Get Up and Dance” single

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