A Choir of Ghosts press photo

A Choir of Ghosts releases a music video for his “An Ounce of Gold” single

A Choir of Ghosts is the solo music project of Frontman James from Sweden. The choir is ever-changing with collaborators from around the globe. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “An Ounce of Gold” single.

A Choir of Ghosts – “An Ounce of Gold” music video

‘An Ounce of Gold’ is an ode to past relationships, spoken through elements of nature. The likable tune, written by James over 10-years-ago, reflects on an emotional break-up with his first love. Also, the song resembles when your current picture of reality shatters to pieces and the craving of finding a home. May it be in people or in a physical space.

A Choir of Ghosts

A Choir of Ghosts press photo
Robert Høglund

As you make your way through the deep Scandinavian forest, you might find A Choir Of Ghosts, fingerpicking the guitar to a folksy tune.

Not too long ago, his “Woods” EP caught the attention of international media. The success of the project brought him beyond the wilderness of Sweden to tour in Central Europe.

Also, “An Ounce of Gold” is the title track from his upcoming album, set to be released via Greywood Records in 2020.

“An Ounce of Gold”

A Choir of Ghosts - “An Ounce of Gold” cover

We recommend adding A Choir of Ghosts’s “An Ounce of Gold” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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