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7HO3NIX releases an intimate R&B ballad, entitled, “Touch Me with Your Words”

7HO3NIX (pronounced like phoenix) is a re-emerging singer-songwriter from Ohio. Not too long ago, she released an intimate R&B ballad, titled, “Touch Me with Your Words,” via  RunSong Productions.

7HO3NIX – “Touch Me with Your Words” single

“I wasn’t feeling very sexy at all when I wrote this song. I began making a beat for yet another sad ballad to ooze the wound of heartbreak. But listening back through it… something in me snapped. I was tired of feeling like my love life was a lost cause. It was a breakthrough moment where I realized I wanted to feel excited about the possibility of romance again. I allowed myself to imagine that such a loving relationship exists – one so mind-meldingly intimate that the mere expression of intentional words from one to another delivers multi-sensory fulfillment. I felt vulnerable and daring while creating it … for many reasons, but also blissfully healing.” – 7HO3NIX explained

Unlike her first single, where 7HO3NIX did everything herself, she enlisted the help of Grammy-nominated mixing engineer, Mark Abrams (Jack Harlow, Angel Lopez), to perfect the sound for Touch Me with Your Words. “My own mixing skills have gone to the next level since befriending Mark and becoming a part of the pureMix.com community,” 7HO3NIX admitted. “But I knew I wanted his expertise and collaboration. Not only is he a master of his craft, but he’s a dope person to work with who truly honors the artist’s vision. I also should shout out his colleague, John Paterno (Tim McGraw, Gov’t Mule) who gave me some great pointers in the song’s earlier stages.”

‘Touch Me with Your Words’ contains an intimate narrative and ear-pleasing soul vocals that will resonate well with fans of Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and SZA. The intimate tune follows mildly on the heels of 7HO3NIX’s previously released single, “It Is What It Is,” which is all about making the most of setbacks and overcoming an avalanche of hardships and heartbreaks that led to dangerously suicidal contemplations.

7HO3NIX – “It Is What It Is” music video

“When I was signed to a major label as a part of Fatty Koo, it was all about fitting into a box and showing up sexy – every time. This is the part of my story where I get to show up as fully myself, making and sharing music that’s truly on my heart, whether it’s trending or not.

My imagination was my escape and songs were my sanctuary. I felt that through songwriting and poetry, I could truly connect with God and feel my worth and purpose. I always knew that somehow art was the superpower I was given to overcome the darkness in this world. It is the lens through which I can look at ashes and see beauty.” – 7HO3NIX explained

7HO3NIX (a.k.a. Gabrielle Solange) was raised in an artist family, where she began recording original songs by age 7 on a cassette recorder and writing and illustrating fiction stories that she dreamed of sharing with the world. At age 13, she was placed in the foster care system after running away from an abusive home. Now, she’s strategizing how to share the story behind her comeback to music, find her audience, and reclaim her place in the mainstream music scene.

“Touch Me with Your Words”

7HO3NIX press photo

“I’m super busy. There are no label funds or teams making anything happen. I do vocal coaching, freelance writing, brand ambassador work, speak and perform, manage, social media profiles, and run a business creating music and film projects with youth to pay the bills. But I’m thankful. Everything I do for work is arts related. I worked very hard for that to be a reality and I praise God for this impossibly wonderful life I’m living, even with all the challenges that have come.

I’m doing what the little foster kid I used to be promised herself she would do one day. And I will keep going. I can’t wait to share more music, and more importantly, connect with people through my story. For now, I just hope many people fall in love with this new song. It’s really about love languages, and how there are more than one ways to truly touch a person.” – 7HO3NIX explained

By the age of 15, 7HO3NIX was discovered out of an inner-city music program, and she signed with Sony Records as part of the band, Fatty Koo. After starring in a reality tv show on BET, ranking in Billboard’s Top 200, and scoring songs in mainstream movies, the band fell apart due to label complications and industry politics. Devastated, 7HO3NIX released the viral song, “Survive,” with producer, Toby Gad (John Legend, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato), before leaving the music industry for over a decade.


7HO3NIX - “Touch Me with Your Words” cover
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After a mission trip to Africa, 7HO3NIX reignited her love for music and found the courage to officially launch her independent artist career in 2017. She now speaks and performs her original music while advocating for causes that are dear to her heart, like mental health, anti-bullying, suicide prevention, anti-racism, and equality.

In 2020, 7HO3NIX’s version of Kelly Clarkson’s I Dare You protesting police brutality was selected by the American Idol herself as the 1st place winner of a Cover Nation contest in partnership with Warner Bros. However, just as she began to hit her stride, she suffered a serious neck injury that prevented her from singing through most of 2021 and 2022.

During that time, 7HO3NIX fought to regain her voice while healing from heartbreak, struggling with thoughts of suicide, and navigating grief from her mother’s passing. After many obstacles in her life, she continues to rise and recreate herself. In 2023, she changed her artist’s name to 7HO3NIX to reintroduce herself to the world and find her audience.

7HO3NIX – “Touch Me with Your Words” single

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