6ix9ine releases a dope music video for his “GOTTI” single

6ix9ine is an emerging rapper from Bushwick, Brooklyn. Not too long ago, he released a dope music video for “GOTTI”, a melodic tune from his debut mixtape, entitled, “Day69: Graduation Day”.

6ix9ine – “GOTTI”

“F*ck with my day ones. Yeah, you know I flooded the chain once. Got the money, and I split it with day ones. She ain’t f*ck me back when I was lame, nah. Yeah, you know I do my dance. In the club (Hey), throwin’ dough. Rack it up (Rack it), shake it up. Watch me do it, how I bust it up (Ooh), I mix it up. Then I hit her with the blicky, uh. So drip it, drip it, drip it, drip it. You ain’t got no money, you can keep her (Pew, pew, pew). B*tch, I got my Nina, I’ma squeeze her. If you really wanna meet her, she a greeter. It was really nice to meet ya, I don’t need ya.” – lyrics

The TrifeDrew & Cole Bennett-directed video shows Tekashi in an exotic environment. Also, he and several female models are chilling in a luxurious pool with an ocean in the background.

Also, other scenes show him handing out $100 to random people living in the Dominican Republic. The kind gesture coincides with 6ix9ine’s big-money raps.

“Day69: Graduation Day”

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