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60 East releases a music video for his “Without You 2” single

60 East is a rapper based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “Without You 2”, a hip-hop tune from his “The Freeway Series Volume 2: Cruise Control” EP.

60 East – “Without You 2”

The Wackoe-directed video pays tribute to the 1996 cult classic, “Swingers”. In the video adaptation of the film,  a portion of producer Phil The Pain’s real-life experience is highlighted. 

‘Without You 2’ tells a story of a guy who reminisces about his ex-girlfriend. He regrets losing her and feels she’s the one who got away. Oftentimes, he thinks about what life would have been like if she was still around.

Check out 60 East’s “The Freeway Series Volume 2: Cruise Control” EP and let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

“The Freeway Series Volume 2: Cruise Control” EP

We recommend adding 60 East’s “Without You 2” single to your personal playlist.

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