Photo by Georgi Velev + Instagram
Photo by Georgi Velev

5 tips on how to promote your music using Instagram

Instagram is full of media and is the second most popular social media platform. It can prove to be one of the best platforms to showcase your personality as a musician and build your brand. As the social media platform boasts 700 million active users monthly, it has become more competitive to advertise your music on Instagram. So you have to be savvier to boost the reach of your music.

Here are some of the best tips for musicians to use Instagram for promoting their music.

1.    Build Hype Around New Releases via Instagram

Some of your Instagram followers might not be following your YouTube channel. Therefore, it’s a good idea to post trailers and screenshots of your upcoming music. The same goes for concerts or albums. When you are about to release something new, get your fans excited with sneak previews.

2.    Offer Added Value to Your Fans

The promotional content is usually easily swiped away. You should make sure that your posts should not resemble a bank’s commercial in any way if you want to establish a bond with your fans.

Share stories, speak about what inspired you to get into music, and how hard you worked throughout your journey. Also, it’s a good idea to open up a bit about your personal life and share more often about what’s going on in your life. This will make your fans feel like insiders instead of just fans.

3.    Reward Your Followers with Giveaways

It is right to give your fans something while utilizing the opportunity to reach more people. Hold interesting contests on your Instagram profile, which will end up in giveaways.

Make entry conditions such as sharing a link or tagging a friend. The giveaways can include backstage passes to a concert, guitar picks, an autographed merchandise, or other keepsakes from a show. Don’t forget to give an occasional like or comment to your most loyal supporters on Instagram.

4.    Direct Message People

Instagram allows you to DM anyone you like, which means you send a message directly to a top music artist as well.

This feature is most commonly used for shout-outs or a follow back message. But you can utilize this feature to request an account with a huge number of followers to use your music in the background of his/her posts, Instagram stories, or IGTV videos. Moreover, you can also DM your existing fans to inform them about your latest releases. Use the instagram tracker to monitor direct messages of Instagram.

5.    Use Hashtags

Instagram lets people discover the music of their interest by using hashtags. In fact, people follow certain hashtags on Instagram that allow them to see all the posts involving those hashtags. Also, Instagram now recommends hashtags that people may want to follow based on the posts they have liked previously. So don’t ignore the significance of hashtags and use them in your Instagram posts.

Hashtags can be used to maximize the reach of your posts, and for that, use at least 20 hashtags on each of your posts. You can find the trending hashtags from the posts of other music artists.

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