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5-0 Studios London and Michael Winans are set to release a new 7-part film series, entitled, “WINANS 100 – THANKFUL”

5-0 Studios London and Michael Winans are set to release a new 7-part film series, entitled, “WINANS 100 – THANKFUL,” which tells the story of the globally known “gospel music family,” tracing the Winans’ family history of more than 200 years. The series serves as one of the greatest stories to be told, which starts in the year 1805. Six generations from Gloster, Mississippi to the music city of  Detroit, Michigan.

The seven-part series is a dramatization of the Winans family line, from ancestors Louis and Ruby (great, great, great grandfather – born in the year 1805)  enslavement to their descendants’ liberation; their slaveowner Winans was a reverend.

Michael Winans stated:

Many, many generations and more than two hundred years ago, my great, great, great grandfather was a slave living on a plantation in Gloster, Mississippi – being Louis Winans. He and my great great great grandmother Ruby (12 children) started our generation and journey;  their son, my great great grandfather Antonio (wife Litta – 10 children) – their son, my great grandfather Isaiah  (2nd wife Catherine – 7 children) their son, my grandfather Carvin, and my grandmother Laura Glenn (1 child); my father and mother David and Delores (Mom and Pop – 10 children). We are many generations of faith, and each is a powerful voice in the church; a Bishop, Reverend, Elder, Pastor, and Deacon. The mighty hand of God’s grace gave all of our forefathers of more than 200 years, a  journey of faith within the church to lighten the struggling times of the early days.

The Beginning

The story begins with Louis and Ruby and their 5 children of 13 children; who are making their way from the Carolinas to Gloster, Mississippi – by way of plantation owner Reverend Winans.

A new beginning as sharecroppers emerged for the family, one that brought on 8 more children and a family of faith and direction.

Louis and his family worked toward a representation of the historical legacy, a show of work and faith in miracles.

The struggles of his family are shown in a generous and stunning style; the quality of his reverence will captivate the piously devout. This is the crux of the drama in the early parts of the story, as the forefathers journey through many travels before the destination of Michigan.


The film moves with solemn dignity, developing an image and impression of a spiritually devout, benevolent man. Louis Winans, who was given his surname of Winans from his sharecropper owner Reverend Winans; the film’s first generation in the story – “THANKFUL.”

The seven-part series is the emotional stakes of its actors as they embody the nature of the storylines and cinematography; allowing the deep emotions of the moment.

Taking inspiration from the stories being told, the music will represent the melody masters who are now carefully crafting the film’s soundtrack; using the unique musical talents of the Winans family, many friends, and music artists around the globe who will help paint an award-winning soundtrack canvas.

The Winans

The grandeur of this music cinematic artistry is evident in the family’s known ability to compose and record “Grammy” award-winning hits.

Thousands of family members and more than 200 years have all exerted a massive influence on our world history. We as the filmmakers have managed to turn our source research and material into an epic seven-part movie series.

While researching the family’s history, we found more branches and leaves that stemmed from the family tree than originally imagined. Besides original family documents and told stories, we have included material contained in historical documents, death certificates, marriage licenses, obituaries and so much more in our resources.

Melanie Greene stated:

“Many family histories are being lost because the leaves are falling and there is no one to tell the stories of the past. The Bible says that when Moses died the people mourned his loss. They asked among themselves, “Who will tell the story?” Later in Biblical history a man named Joshua stood and said, ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.’ It is my hope that the narratives, interviews, biographies, and appendices learned for the film series “THANKFUL” will tell the story of the WINANS family’s early years until today.”


Whether or not you believe that the life of this Winans Ancestry and generation of faith in Jesus is one of the greatest stories ever to be told; six generations of struggle, faith, and belief have proven it. The series “THANKFUL” reveals how the Winans family name is and always has been, synonymous with the glory of God’s blessings. This is an epic story; from the plantations of Mississippi to Michigan and the global world.

Unknown to “David and Delores” and great great great grandfather Louis Winans of 1805; their family was given the “blessed name.” Louis, as a slave on the plantation, would never imagine that this generation of Winans would one day be in many circles of God’s grace and a household name around the world (film tributes father and brother: Pop and Ron Winans).

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