3 Ways to Reach Out to Customer Support

There are a multitude of reasons why you might need to reach out to an ISP’s customer support team, but lots of people are hesitant to do so. There’s a good reason for that – most customer support teams suck!

The waiting times are excruciating, the agents are unhelpful, you keep getting reconnected to different departments, and worst of all, your issue remains unresolved!

However, it’s important to understand that that isn’t always the case since there are plenty of service providers that work on customer care. If you consider Windstream’s customer service, it is one of the most highly rated in terms of its team’s dedication and quality service.

Its experts provide around-the-clock service and the team is known to be quite friendly and knowledgeable. The ISP’s 24/7 service ensures that all inquiries from customers are tended to almost immediately, with little to zero waiting time! Furthermore, Windstream also offers bilingual support for any Spanish speakers within the U.S. who aren’t well-versed in English.

All these factors indicate that Windstream truly provides its customers with the best and here are some ways that you can reach out to its customer support team.

Get on the Phone

A recent study conducted by Invoca discovered that 65% of people actually preferred to contact a business via phone, instead of a small minority who preferred otherwise. This makes sense as simply calling up an internet service provider is much faster and simpler rather than sending emails and waiting for a few business days just to hear back from the ISP.

With our busy lives and schedules, it can be pretty difficult trying to navigate and manage things, but having the ease and accessibility of directly calling and getting a response is a relief for everyone! The best part about Windstream’s customer support is that there is almost no waiting time, so you no longer need to worry about wasting an hour or two for nothing!

There are a few things to keep in mind, though, before you hit that dial button. Windstream’s experts might require some information from your end, in order to assist you in a better manner, so be sure to have these things in mind before you call!

  • Your account number (This information can be found on a paper bill or you can even find it by logging into the Go Kinetic Customer Portal.)
  • Your billing address (This information is required specifically if Windstream needs to deliver products or services.)
  • Your social security number (This information is only required in order to verify your identity.)

A Windstream agent doesn’t always ask for this information, but it’s convenient to keep these things in mind so that communication is clear and efficient on both ends.

Take Advantage of Live Chat

If you’re someone who’d rather not get on a call with a customer support representative, then the next best option is to use the Live Chat option. Once you click here, you’ll be directed to the customer service page where you’ll get a bubble titled, ‘Chat with us’ in the bottom, right corner.

If an agent is available and online, you’ll get an instant response to whatever inquiry you may have, but if they aren’t (because this option isn’t available 24/7) then you’ll be asked to leave a message along with your email address and name. You should receive a response from Windstream’s team as soon as possible or anytime within the next working day.

This is why we’d still recommend option 1 since that’s a more direct approach and that service is available all day, every day! But if you don’t mind waiting a bit, and are more comfortable communicating through writing, then this option is also ideal.

Social Media and FAQs

If all else fails (which is very unlikely) then you can contact Windstream’s team via its social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Of course, we cannot guarantee how quickly responses are generated if you contact the ISP via social media, but its team is equipped and trained to respond as fast as possible so you should receive an answer within 1 to 2 business days.

There’s also the option of going through Windstream’s FAQs section. Since this portion includes all manner of common inquiries, chances are that your questions have already been answered here so a quick browse will definitely save you more time!


The reason Windstream includes various communication channels is so that it is more accessible for people using different platforms! This gives customers the power to reach out to Windstream whenever they’d like, and through whichever platform they’d like.

As CEO Tony Thomas stated, “We’re so confident in our ability to meet your needs that we just don’t promise your complete satisfaction – we guarantee it!

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