2kbabysage - “Old Streets” photo

2kbabysage releases a music video for his “Old Streets” single

2kbabysage is an up-and-coming rapper from Louisville, Kentucky. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Old Streets” single, p 

2kbabysage – “Old Streets” music video

“Cold winters, cold killers, and cold dinners. My granny trippin’, her grandson the dope dealer. My ho trippin’, no pics, it’s just business. Stop b*tchin’, get out your feelings, just roll with it. It’s all sickening, the bills hittin’, my mom’s missing. Pops flipping, the time’s ticking, the day’s shifting. I can’t fix it, move with it, just groove with it. Too smooth with it, I kept praying, I’m God’s gifted.” lyrics

‘Old Streets’ tells a gritty tale of a young drug dealer who grew up eating bologna meat every night while surviving violence in the gutter.

Apparently, the problematic youngster loves to grind by his lonesome and misses the old streets, where hustlers weren’t lame, soft, or phony.

Later, he admits that he’s blessed, and then he and his brothers catch the opposition slippin’ when they emerge on their block with cutters.

2kbabysage – “Old Streets” single

2kbabysage - “Old Streets” cover

2kbabysage is a name you should remember. 

The young rapper has one of the hottest urban tunes boomin’ in the underbelly of Kentucky right now. 

His “Old Street” single contains an urban street narrative, harmonious rap vocals, and melodic instrumentation flavored with trap, contemporary rap, and hip-hop elements.

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