11 Unique Ideas for Music-Themed Parties 

You’ve probably been to a music-themed party, and while you didn’t say it, you may have been a bit disappointed with the theme. While there are some fan favorites you see regularly, there are a few unique ideas that can take the theme to the next level.

With some time and preparation, you can pull off a truly unique music-themed party for your next event. You can create Ibiza in your garden, host a music bingo event, or go down the strange route and create an ode to Vaudeville; here are 11 unique musically-themed party ideas. 

What You Need 

If you are hosting a party with music as the main attraction, regular speakers and a laptop just won’t cut it. You can hire a DJ or a set of really good speakers; you can also hire a band and send them a song list. 

Depending on who you choose, you won’t have to spend a lot of money either, as you will mostly be paying for their time, they can play the music you provide. 


Ibiza is widely regarded as one of the party capitals of the world. The lights, sounds, and colors create an experience that is hard to match. However, you can create a slice of Ibiza in your home or garden. 

You can copy the design and decorations of one of Ibiza’s top clubs, such as Amnesia or Pacha, hire a DJ to play some of the music you will find there, and even make mini versions of a bar or something similar. 

Roaring 20s

When people hear a party is “Roaring 20s” themed, they often immediately think of something your grandparents would enjoy. However, this would be a mistake, as the roaring 20s combines glitz and glamor, as well as music that would get everyone on their feet. 

It is also a theme that allows for a fine-dining experience if you so choose; your guests can enjoy delicious food and drinks before the real party starts. 

School of Rock

The School of Rock is not only one of the most popular movies of its time, but it is the perfect template to create a themed party around. Your guests can dress up, they can bring instruments if they play one, and you can set up a karaoke machine packed with classic rock anthems.

If you have the space, you can set up a small stage for your guests to perform on and even have prizes for those that do well; who wouldn’t want to put on a shirt and tie and bounce across a stage like Angus Young did for AC/DC’s Thunderstruck?

Music-Themed Parties

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Photo by Simon Weisser via unsplash

Boogie Nights

Another theme that is often done but is usually underwhelming is Boogie Nights. Disco is popular around the world, but if you don’t go all the way with it, it can end up being a slightly boring dress-up party at best. 

You can select a particular band, album, or disco event to base the party around; it would also be fun to see all your guests dressed as the Bee Gees or Abba.  


An underutilized theme for parties is Vaudeville. First popularized in the early 20th century, Vaudeville shows were a combination of comedy, burlesque, music, and dancing. Both the men and women in the shows would wear extravagant outfits, similar to those you can see in shows like Moulin Rouge. 

Vaudeville music would often be satirical in nature, with performers either singing them, reciting them in the style of a poem, or speaking. It is a genuinely unique sound that transports you back in time almost immediately. 

90s Hip Hop

There are a handful of times in recent history that stand out more than the 90s when it comes to music and fashion. 90s hip hop is regarded as some of the best ever made, and the oversized Adidas tracksuits and mini skirts created fashion looks we have barely seen since. 

While you don’t have to choose hip hop, a 90s-themed music party allows your guests to dress up as any number of acts, with the music list being packed with everything from Aerosmith to Run DMC and even Vanilla Ice. 


There is a big difference between a Christmas party and a Christmas-themed party, with the latter being something you can have any time of year if you choose. This is the aspect that makes it unique, having a full-on Christmas party in May or August. 

You can make all the Christmas-themed food and snacks, as well as have all your guests wear ugly Christmas sweaters. You can also mix it up in any way you choose; “Christmas on the Beach” or “Christmas meets Broadway” combine themes for a memorable experience.  


While playing songs from musicals is a popular choice, having a musical-themed party isn’t as common as you may think. Your guests can dress up as their favorite character from Cats or Phantom of the Opera, and the entire playlist can be songs from the shows. 

You can even take it a step further and have meals from the particular shows, such as a more fine-dining version of the “slop” from Oliver Twist. There is so much room to move in this theme that you can create a special occasion just by doing some research. 

DJ Party

While you shouldn’t get your guests to DJ the entire party, what you can do is give them a chance to pick the music. They can go into the DJ booth and, under the supervision of the DJ, mix and match songs of their choice. 

You can also ask the guests to send special requests before the event, and they can either play the song or stay on the dance floor. This is also the easiest way to ensure there is music and entertainment that suits everyone’s taste without you having to do all the work. 

Music-Themed Parties

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Musical Bingo 

Finally, you can do a bingo-style game involving music. You can have guests listen to part of a song and have them mark it off their grid or give them lyrics, and they have to guess the artist. 

While this may get a bit chaotic, the loud music and the cheers and groans from those winning or losing are part of the night and will get people in the mood to party and dance.