The Publishing Principles of Bong Mines Entertainment are fairly easy to explain. We highlight today’s mega superstars and tomorrow’s most promising stars by writing detailed music reviews or articles for up-and-coming and signed artists who we think deserve to be spotlighted. Usually, these releases are brand new, or between 1 to 3 months old, and media coverage is needed to get the word out to the masses. We provide that coverage free of charge.

Publishing Principles

The strategic aim of our content is to expose good music only to our audience with the hope that our audience will in turn go out there and support the artists that we recommended to them via our website, social media, and newsletter. This action brings traffic to Bong Mines Entertainment and helps us entice advertisers.

Good Recommendations

We are most efficient when everyone who touches our content does so for a good reason. To build trust, we provide good recommendations and tell the truth about what we think about a certain artist’s music by using positive language and concrete writing. We do not write reviews for music we do not like. For this reason, there are no negative reviews on Bong Mines Also, out of the last 60,000 submissions we received, a little over 5,000 of them were approved for publication on our website.

Diversity Policy

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