The ownership structure of Bong Mines Entertainment is fairly simple. Bong Mines Entertainment is funded entirely by (Editor-in-Chief/Founder) Zangba Thomson and by generous donations received from the audience of Bong Mines Entertainment.

Ownership Structure for Bong Mines Entertainment

Bong Mines Entertainment is an LLC (Limited Liability Company) that was formed in the State of New York, with no involvement of the federal government or the IRS. It was formed with the Articles of Organization which was filed with the state of New York. Bong Mines Entertainment has never received any funding such as government grants to help run its operation. Plus, it doesn’t have shareholders because the company is not made up of shares. The decision to choose the kind of management structure Bong Mines Entertainment utilizes is solely based on how Zangba Thomson decides to run his business.

Zangba Thomson

Zangba Thomson is the sole owner of Bong Mines Entertainment; he decides everything.

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