Correction Policy


Corrections Policy for Bong Mines Entertainment, what you need to know. Errors happen every now and then. How we deal with mistakes in our reporting is important to maintaining our integrity and the trust of readers and sources. When Bong Mines Entertainment publishes an error, we will acknowledge it and take appropriate steps to correct it as soon as possible, and, if necessary, on social media and other off-platform applications.

Readers who wish to alert us to a needed correction can email us at

We also correct factual errors made, for example, in an event listing, even if the relevant event has passed. When in doubt about whether a correction or clarification is needed, it is generally best to contact us first. Leaving anyone with the impression that we do not admit and rectify mistakes could cause readers to question our journalistic integrity.

If a request for a retraction or correction comes from an outside attorney or person threatening a legal response, the editor-in-chief and our legal counsel must be consulted before any response or decision is made about how to handle the complaint.

Generally, Bong Mines Entertainment does not repeat the original error and does not editorialize the cause or implication of the error in publishing a correction.

Corrections Policy for Bong Mines Entertainment – Online 

We will make corrections to published articles as soon as possible. Occasionally, we receive errors due to incorrect information by sources (e.g. press releases misspelling the name of an artist or where they were born).

If an online error is a significant one that could give the reader a false impression, factors such as the nature of the error and how long it has been posted should be considered before a correction is written.

When a significant error is discovered, the article will be corrected and republished as soon as possible, with a note appended to the revised story that briefly states the nature of the change.

If a significant error appears in the URL, we will correct the URL.​

If an error is deemed egregious enough — for example, misleading, fabricated, or unethical — then the correction may be placed at the top of the story. Egregious errors that indict the entire premise of an article may require deleting the entire article. In such cases, the article will be replaced with an editor’s note explaining why the article was removed.

Social media

If incorrect information is shared on our social platforms, we will notify readers using the same platform and provide accurate information. In many cases, it may be appropriate to delete the incorrect post.

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