Bong Mines Entertainment’s Feedback Policy is necessary for our success as a growing company. We collect feedback via our email With so many possible sources of information about customer opinion and behavior, it can be tricky to make sense of it all. But we try our best. Currently, we have a system in place to collect feedback, and these files are stored in a remote folder on our website. The sender of the feedback receives a reply email with content (if applicable) thanking them for their feedback or addressing an issue.

The Purpose of Our Feedback Policy

Our audience feedback champions our development as a company. Feedback, when tied together, can project a forecastable picture that can be used to feed future planning activities. We value the tremendous feedback we get from our audience and find pleasure in receiving more.


We are transparent and collaborative with our audience. Collecting their feedback is, ultimately, all about improving their experience on Bong Mines Entertainment. Part of that is them keeping us informed of what we are doing right or what we are doing wrong.

  • We collect feedback to gain clarity.
  • We gain deep insight and knowledge when we listen to our audience.
  • We invite further feedback to keep the improvement cycle going.
  • We are up-front about mistakes and challenges.
  • We provide regular updates.
  • We put our audience first. That means listening carefully and responding to feedback. Listening to feedback is essential for us to build genuine, collaborative partnerships with our audience.

Privacy Policy

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