Sean Conn

Sean Conn releases a music video for “The Highlight” ft. Vin Keatin

Sean Conn, hip-hop’s secret agent, is a rising emcee outta Queens, New York. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “The Highlight”, a DJ Mouse Trap-produced song featuring R&B crooner Vin Keatin. The song has thudding drums with a melodic background sound. 


The Chubbe Productions-directed video is the fourth visual off Conn’s upcoming album, entitled, “The Man with the Golden Mic”. The video depicts Conn and Keatin in the daytime, on a recreational beach, filled with onlookers viewing skateboarders in action. The second part takes place at night. Conn and Keatin are dressed to impress in designer suits with dark sunglasses for added appeal.

Sean Conn

Check out Conn’s music video for “The Golden Mic”, another cool song off his “The Man with the Golden Gun” album.

Sean ConnConn is more than an emcee. He is a true entrepreneur at heart. His newest product, “Quest for the Golden Mics”, is an old-school arcade style beat-em up mobile game, starring Conn. Players are encouraged to guide Conn through the world of Hiphopia, where he saves the city from shady executives, and corrupted club owners. Players must find the golden microphones, if they want to restore peace and bring music back to the city.

“Our goal is to produce a high quality, action packed arcade style game optimized for mobile devices. We want to sell it in markets aimed at adults, teenagers, older children and hardcore gamers who are in demand for a fun classic style game.”


From 2007 to 2011, Sean Conn was a 5x Guinness world record holder for the longest continuous rap cypher in history, 24 hours nonstop. He is also a multiple award winning artist, winning buzz factor of the year in 2012, and most original male artist in 2014.