Rita Ora press photo + Phoenix album cover

Rita Ora performs her “Only Want You” and “Let You Love Me” singles [LIVE] at Vevo studio

Rita Ora is a talented London-raised singer-songwriter from Pristina, Kosovo. Not too long ago, she performed her “Only Want You” and “Let You Love Me” singles at Vevo studio.

Rita Ora – “Only Want You”

“I don’t want another night of tryna find another you, another rock bottom. I don’t wanna wear another mini dress to impress a potential problem. And I don’t wanna spend the night at someone’s place to fill the space that you used to walk in.” – lyrics

Vevo highlights artists and bands who are shaping the future of music. One of these artists is Rita Ora, an exceptional entertainer. Vevo stated that when she entered their studio with a minimal backup band, the vibe in the room changed immediately.

Check out Ora’s live video performance of her “Let You Love Me” single to further understand why Vevo invited her to perform on their platform.

“Let You Love Me”

“I should’ve stayed with you last night instead of going out to find trouble. That’s just trouble I think I run away sometimes. Whenever I get too vulnerable that’s not your fault. See, I wanna stay the whole night, I wanna lay with you ’til the sun’s up. I wanna let you inside, oh, heaven knows I’ve tried.” – lyrics

Rita Ora’s “Only Want You” and “Let You Love Me” singles are featured on her sophomore album, entitled, “Phoenix”. Check it out below via Spotify.

Rita Ora – “Phoenix” album

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