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RALPH releases a danceable pop tune, entitled, “Weather”

RALPH is a pop singer from Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released “Weather”, a danceable pop tune from her upcoming debut album.

RALPH – “Weather”

“Is it love or is it the weather? When the leaves fall, will we stay together? June, July, August, September. When the fun ends, will we still be together?” – lyrics

‘Weather’ tells the tale of an outgoing couple who enjoys each other’s company during the hot summer months. They spent every night together drinking and getting drunk, conversing, and sneaking into pools to cool down.

But all good things have to come to an end, and as the summer narrows down, the couple worries about their future together. They feel the cold breeze coming in and see yellow and brown leaves falling from trees. This natural occurrence prompts them to question if their relationship will also fall as the weather changes from hot to cold.



“It’s about the feeling you get when September rolls around. It’s still warm, but the nights are getting chilly and the parties are winding down. Your casual fling starts feeling serious and you start wondering if it was a seasonal crush or if it’s something bigger.” RALPH speaks about the song

“Weather” consists of a relatable storyline, enticing vocals, and danceable disco instrumentation which oozes with R&B, pop, and synth-laden sounds.”

Therefore, we recommend adding RALPH’s “Weather” single to your personal music playlist.

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