MINOE - “Hands” cover photo
Photo credit: Eric Lamoth

MINOE releases an intoxicating new dance floor anthem, entitled, “Hands”

MINOE (@itsminoe) is a rising Montreal-based singer-songwriter from Nova Scotia, Canada. Not too long ago, she released an intoxicating new dance floor anthem, “Hands.”

MINOE – “Hands” music video

“As someone who has only really relied on myself for most of my life, relying on another person can present a major challenge. It’s one I’ve previously been very quick to run away from. In ‘Hands,’ I’m turning my back on my partner, ready to return to dissociation, partying, and my vices.” – MINOE explained

The video shows MINOE fighting back the tears as she gets ready for a night out. Sharing more MINOE explained: “The hands in the video represent dissociation, as I allow my mind to drift when I go out drinking. I’ve just been through a breakup and I’m trying to forget everything. Ultimately, I’m left holding my head, crying because as we all know – partying doesn’t solve problems!”

Born from navigating a break-up, HANDS explores a relationship’s complexity and conflicting nature. Equal parts as beautiful as they can be terrifying. HANDS is an anthem for bleeding hearts who seek comfort in the flashing lights of a nightclub. Furthermore, “Hands” is the third single to be revealed from MINOE’s upcoming EP, “Bleeding Heart’s Disco,” perfect for everyone and no one will be left on the sidelines. “Hands” provides a safe space for like-minded individuals to process their emotions on the dancefloor.

MINOE – “Cut Me Loose” music video

The release of “Hands” is the follow-up to MINOE’s recent dose of disco-euphoria, “Cut Me Loose.” Directed by Andres Estrada and edited by Walid Jabri, the stunning disco-inspired visual sees MINOE switch between two versions of herself. Glamorous, done-up MINOE dances with her friends and embodies confidence, and the other is a tired, overwhelmed version of MINOE who appears to be holding back tears. The latter represents MINOE’s inner saboteur.

Throughout the hypnotic dance track, we hear MINOE speaking to herself – begging to be “cut loose” from her unrealistic expectations. As a lover of escapism and using dance as a coping mechanism, MINOE’s goal is to invite listeners to her party, where crying at the club is not only allowed but encouraged and everybody is welcome on the dancefloor.

MINOE – “Cherry” (Official Video)

The first single revealed from the upcoming EP was the sultry, stellar tune, “Cherry,” back in May this year. “Cherry” saw the rising Canadian pass the mic to her inner saboteur. Raw and catchy as hell, it scooped much support from notable media outlets and also bagged a great sweep across DSPs with additions from playlists such as Fresh Finds, It’s a Bop and more.

With lots more music on the way this year, MINOE is someone to keep all eyes on.

MINOE – “Hands” single

MINOE - “Hands” cover
Photo credit: Eric Lamoth

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