LALoveTheBoss press photo wearing jewelry and an elegant t-shirt.

LALoveTheBoss releases a sensual hip-hop tune, “Monkey”

LALoveTheBoss is a social media mogul, music artist, SAG actress, devoted fitness guru, model, and entrepreneur. Not too long ago, she released a sensual hip-hop tune, “Monkey.” The song was produced by the Box Bangers, which consists of 3X Grammy Award winning producer Darius ‘DEEZLE’ Harrison and Eric ‘88 Fingaz’ Parham.

LALoveTheBoss – “Monkey” single

“Knock the monkey out the box, I’m unorthodox. And I’m feisty wit’ the pu^^y, call her, Big Fox. And I love a water sign, ain’t afraid to swim. It’s slippery when wet, I’ma real gem. Slim goodie what’s goodie, camel toe and it’s gushy. Face between this tushy, facing me like a blunt. Boy, you know what you want, this monkey is upper exhalant. Serve you like a restaurant.” – lyrics

‘Monkey’ tells an enticing tale about a freaky young woman who shares a zesty relationship with her significant other. She’s his main squeeze and not just a desirable side piece. Later, she admits that she gets excited whenever he bites her for the sake of pleasure. Also, she wants to know if her companion wants to lick her with some ice cream.

‘Monkey’ contains a sexy narrative and flirtatious raps. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with a contemporary rap vibration. Also, “Monkey” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from LALoveTheBoss shortly.

“If you got a lot of hang then you’re in the gang.”

LALoveTheBoss - “Monkey” song cover art

“I want people to know that it’s okay to be sexy, to be a woman. But still be a boss at the same time. It’s empowering because women love sex just as much as men do. I got inspired to represent what makes the world go ’round.” –LALoveTheBoss explained

Is there anything LALoveTheBoss can’t do? The 25-year-old influencer isn’t afraid to march to her own drum or to write her own lyrics. For over 10 years, she’s been recognized for her creative rap tunes and bold style.  Also, she embodies a modern-day pinup, as she exemplifies the perfect combination of bossy and sexy through her sultry photographs and iconic beats. She has accumulated a loyal online following of 3.6 million followers via Instagram. Now, she’s ready to claim her spot as one of hip-hop’s most notable names.

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