Ivy Sole
Photo by Araba Ankuma

Ivy Sole releases a danceable soul tune, entitled, “Bones”

Ivy Sole is a Philadelphia-based rapper-singer out of Charlotte, NC. Not too long ago, she released “Bones”, a danceable soul tune from her debut studio album, entitled, “Overgrown”.

Ivy Sole – “Bones”

“One day our bones might feel the breeze. And make a home for smaller beings. If I’m lucky, they might tuck me next to you. They say our choices make our graves. We end up there either way.” – lyrics

‘Bones’ contains an evergreen storyline, sugary vocals, and a groovy instrumentation embedded with a melodic bass. Also, it tells the story of a woman who desires the love of someone dear to her heart.

Ivy Sole

Ivy Sole
Photo by Araba Ankuma

“At my core, I’m a hopeful romantic. I grew up listening to love pouring through my mother’s speakers and out of her mouth. Gospel music is love music. Soul music is love music. R&B is love music. Some of the best hip-hop and indie rock on earth is love music. Figuring out how to love myself has been a journey worth taking, and I’m hopeful that learning to love someone else, particularly in the romantic sense, is too.” – Ivy Sole

Overgrown‘ is an autobiographical excavation of a Black queer girl from a single parent, lower-middle class household. She’s trying to find love and purpose after experiencing childhood trauma and heartbreak. Also, the project is about her self-discovery, self-acceptance, and internal turmoil.

Check out Sole’s “Overgrown” album featuring Anyee Wright, Dev*, and B4Bonah. Also, Instagram star Jstlivinbby offers inspirational guidance.


We recommend adding Ivy Sole “Bones” single to your personal playlist.

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