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DaBaby releases an entertaining music video for his “VIBEZ” single

DaBaby (Jonathan Lyndale Kirk) is a popular rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina. Not too long ago, he released an entertaining music video for his “VIBEZ” single.

DaBaby – “VIBEZ” music video

“Got a red and white hoe like a peppermint. Book the hotel, take the vibes in. She gon’ f**k me and f**k on my brethren. My brother ‘nem, havin’ three hoes in the king size. I ain’t finished yet, get another b*tch. Got her ridin’ d*ck and screamin’, ‘Yeehaw’. Make me proud, girl, you a cowgirl (Huh?). Did a handstand, I’m like, ‘Wow, girl’ (Okay, okay). Got me f**kin’ her upside-down. Yeah, we goin’ dumb, say she wanna c*m. I’m lookin’ like, ‘When?’ She lookin’ like, ‘Now’. Some more came in, say they want it too. I tagged in my brother, b*tch, I’m out (Bye), I know.” – lyrics

‘VIBEZ’ tells a prosperous tale of a promiscuous young guy who has money, power, and respect. Apparently, he travels on private jets and has a chauffeur riding him around town in a Suburban. Also, he owns a $1.2 million home and drives around in a $400,000 vehicle. Later, he admits that there isn’t a man alive that’s on his level.

DaBaby Tour

“VIBEZ” is featured on DaBaby’s “KIRK” album.

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