BYRN releases an attractively dope ballad, entitled, “The End”

BYRN is an electronic singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released an attractively dope ballad, entitled, “The End”.

BYRN – “The End”

“You gave your love with a knife it cuts me slowly. Each confession brings me life when I’m lonely. I can fell the hesitation don’t know when to walk away from this. Closer that you get to me, the farther away I can see, I know it.”

“The End” is a song that covers the romanticism of a loving relationship, from beginning to end. Its 808 drums and the erotic soundscape is perfumed with ‘90s R&B and modern pop. The heartfelt words are expressive and the melodies are erotic and sugary with a trace of discomfort.


“The first thing that you notice. I’ll be the last thing that you do. I know that if we were together, it’ll be the end of me and you.”

Not too long ago, the singer released a music video for her “Electrify”, a dreamy single from her “Dreams Are Easy” EP.

BYRN – “Electrify”

The Eli Susser-directed video begins with the artist seated at the head of a dining room table. But she’s alone, dining by herself. Also, later, she and a gentleman electrify the dim-lit room with their romantic chemistry.

“Dreams Are Easy”

In conclusion, BYRN is a talented singer with a sizzling sound and ear-loving vocals. Therefore, we recommend adding her “The End” single to your personal playlist.   

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