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Mega releases an inspiring debut single, entitled, “Chariot”

Mega is a rising R&B soulstress based in North London, England. Not too long ago, she released an inspiring debut single, entitled, “Chariot”.

Mega – “Chariot”

“Just imagine, we woke up in paradise. Don’t need magic, let my force just carry us home tonight. Future’s golden, don’t let go don’t it up. Just keep holding, even when you had enough. I will be your light. When you’re low, I’ll lead you home, Chariot.” – lyrics

“Chariot” contains spirited lead vocals, ear-loving melodies, and a moving instrumentation embedded with elegant guitar plucks and percussive sensibilities. Also, it’s refreshingly smooth with an infectious rhythm.

Mega – “Chariot”


Chariot was inspired by thinking about what I really needed to hear and imagining those words/lyrics being spoken/sung to me.” – Mega told us via email

Mega was influenced by R&B-rooted artists such as Alicia Keys, Chaka Khan, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, and India Arie.

At an early age, she sang in a local church choir, but unexpected vocal problems sidelined her singing endeavors. At that time, her road to recovery was a difficult one, but she persevered. One day at a time, she overcame self-doubt, and now, she returns with a refined voice and an inspirational single perfumed with optimistic thoughts of paradise.


“Chariot” is a timeless song with heavy replay value. Also, it’s a good audio sign of what we should be expecting from one of Great Britain’s fastest-rising newcomers.

Therefore, we recommend adding Mega’s “Chariot” single to your personal playlist.

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